Anapa Seaport
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Services for businesses

OOO Chernomorskiye Skorostnye Linii (LLC) provides a wide range of services for business such as passenger transportation by marine transport, ship repair, seaport services, fuel bunkering, tug and affreightment services.

For Yacht and Boat Owners

The port complex is located in the central part of Anapa urban resort. Due to this the entire infrastructure of the city is easily accessible for yacht owners and passengers. Banks, hotels, beaches, cafes and restaurants, railway and air ticket offices are within walking distance.

Our services for yacht and small-sized vessels owners:

  • lifting of the vessels of docking weight up to 150 ton (from 1,683 RUB per meter);
  • temporary parking places at berths (from 20 RUB/day per one square meter);
  • registration of inward/outward vessels on foreign voyage;
  • replenishment;
  • passengers loading/unloading;
  • short-term recreation and sightseeing;
  • placing of small-sized vessels and yachts on the seaport territory for storage (from 600 RUB/month for one square meter);
  • settling of a vessel on a keel-block within the berth area for repair works;
  • positioning of small-sized vessels and yachts on trailers for further transportation by road transport;
  • vessels lifting and transportation to storage areas.

For Shipowning Companies

The seaport receives cargo ships up to 100 m long, with draft of 3.5 m and cargo capacity up to 3,500 tons. The port capacities allow to process 370,000 tons of non-hazardous cargo per year.

OOO Chernomorskiye Skorostnye Linii (LLC) provides following services for shipowners:

  • mooring operations, national cargo bureau services and customs clearance;
  • calling and transportation of the commission for vessels arrival/departure registration;
  • lifting of vessels weighing up to 150 tons, external console along the berth up to 45 tons;
  • cargoes transshipment from vehicles onto marine transport and vice versa;
  • agenting;
  • diesel fuel replenishment and vessels bunkering;
  • food supplies and fresh water replenishment (up to 5 m3 / h);
  • onshore electric power provision;
  • dock operations;
  • marine equipment current repair;
  • forwarding services;
  • shipping and other transport documents execution;
  • VHF and telephone communications;
  • electric power provision for the entire duration of vessels parking;
  • welding and turning operations;
  • bilge and sewage collection.

For Motor Carriers and Freight Companies

Anapa Seaport offers open and closed storage areas, parking for trucks, trailers and cars, performs loading and unloading operations. The port territory is fenced by perimeter, equipped with CCTV cameras and is under 24-hour security surveillance.

Services for motor carriers and freight companies:

  • forwarding services;
  • freight and other transport documents execution;
  • loading and unloading operations (forklift, crane);
  • secure parking;
  • open and closed storage.

Tug Services

OOO Chernomorskiye Skorostnye Linii (LLC) fleet includes ZUID marine docking tug (KM Х UL R3 tug, IMO 8929941) which is equipped for mooring operations:

  • Mooring operations (in a locked harbor, movements of self-propelled vessels in narrow seaport waters);
  • Dumb crafts tugging;
  • Oil booms setting;
  • Harbor works;

Operations with jackup rigs:

  • Anchor setting;
  • Experts transportation;
  • Tugging to drilling locations;
  • Fuel, materials, food and water delivery;
  • Emergency and rescue duty when performing works;
  • Classification Certificate issued on February 23, 2014 (valid before February 23, 2019).

Charter of Vessels

OOO Chernomorskiye Skorostnye Linii (LLC) operates the fleet of vessels of various purposes.

HEATHER SEA Research Vessel (KM* ICE3 special purpose ship, IMO 7391317) is the pride of the fleet. The vessel is specially equipped for complex marine engineering research performance and a scientific expedition accommodation.
R/V Details (PDF 2.37Mb).

ZUID Docking Tug (KM Х UL R3 tug, IMO 8929941) is equipped for dumb craft and mooring operations.
Docking Tug Details (PDF 2.23Mb).

GORGIPPIA Passenger Ship ( KM*1 R3 Passenger ship, IMO 8859756) is capable of carrying up to 250 passengers, performs works on passenger transportation and vessels servicing in the harbor.